2XL Dubia Colony With Roach Barrier and Cleaner Crews

Best Buy Super Premium Dubia Roach kit, With Cleaner Crews, CONTAIN Roach Barrier to prevent escape

2XL Dubia Colony With Roach Barrier and Cleaner Crews

Breed & Feed Quicker with this Instant Producing Dubia Feeder Roach Colony.

Insects By Ready Reptile Feeders Gives You a Super Premium Colony that is Nearly 2 Times (Double) the size of our Premium Extra Large Kit With EXTRAS!!!

Get Started Quickly Feeding & Breeding at the same time.  No need to wait several months to build up colony you can start feeding right away and Breeding will Quickly Boom with this Super Premium 2XL Dubia Colony With Roach Barrier and Cleaner Crews. For Breeding Your Own Dubia Blaptica Roach Colony from Insects By RRF

You Get
  • Dubia Colony Instructions HERE includes Secrets on Producing Colony Rapidly
  • 70-75 Small sized nymphs
  • 40-45 Medium sized nymphs
  • 10 Adult Female Dubia
  • 6 Adult Male Dubia
  • 1 Large Roach Bin Cleaner Crew
  •  8 Egg Flats
  •  2 Lb Roach Chow
  • 3 Oz Bug Brownie ™ Gut Loading Gel Food For Insects Superior Nutrition 
  •  1/2 Quart Green Life™ Vitamin Water Gel 
  •  1 Large Watering Dish
  •  1 Large Feeding Dish
  •  2 Oz CONTAIN Roach Barrier (Prevents Escapes) 

No Shipping to Florida or Hawaii

If Delivery Temperatures may be under 60 degrees Add 72 hour heating packs

In Summer Delivery Trucks Get Substantially Hotter Than Outside Temperatures
If Temperatures can exceed 90 Degrees
Click Here  to add Two Cold Packs 
If Temperatures can exceed 95 Degrees 
 Click Here to Add Three Cold Packs

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