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Everything you Need to Start a Roach Colony or You Need to Upgrade your current colony to a Naturalistic Self Cleaning Bioactive Habitat.  Breed Roaches effortlessly with a Best Buy.   Ready Reptile Feeders Most Popular Roach Starter Colonies & Habitat Kits.  You can be breeding your colony of Live Feeder Insects and feeding to your Reptiles and Amphibians in no time.  If you want to be up and running right away the quickest way without waiting months for another starter colony to build up before feeding your Bearded dragon, lizards or frogs then you Need to Buy the 2X Dbl X-tra Large Roach Starter Colony Kit or the Xtra Large Roach Starter Kit as you will get the best mix of Roach Nymphs that will quickly begin to breed and produce more young. 

In Our Premium& Bioactive Colony Kits You Get 

*Instructions, Secrets and Roach Breeding Tricks
Plenty of Mixed size and sex Roaches
Adult Female (Egg Laying Age) Roach Nymphs
Adult Male Roach Nymphs
Nutritious Roach Chow
Vitamin Loaded Water Gel / Water Crystals