Shipping Terms & Conditions Insects & Supplies By RRF

Shipping Terms & Conditions Insects & Bioactive Supplies By RRF

Insects & Bioactive Supplies By Ready Reptile Feeders Shipping Policy


We deliver Mon-Wed via U.S.P.S. Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express is available upon request

Any items ordered after the last shipping day for the week, may be shipped the following week to ensure that they do not sit needlessly in a postal facility or storage.over the weeken

Orders placed Mon-Wednesday (cutoff) will in most cases be shipped out within the same week.  Any orders placed after the cutoff time as well as large shipments with multiple items or items that are on sale may be shipped out the following week. Dermestid Beetles are usually shipped Mondays and Tuesdays a week after ordering or at our discretion per unique request from customer.  Some Dermestid Beetle Orders May take up to one week to be dispatched from November to January.  

Please make sure that  your address is correct.  For Paypal orders we will only ship to the confirmed address listed in Paypal. If an order is returned because of an incorrect address, we will not issue a refund. We are not responsible for packages sent to incorrect addresses.  If your Paypal address is not  confirmed we bear no responsibility of any kind.

If Your Temperatures exceed 80 degrees be sure to add cool packs to your order. If your low temperatures are below 55 degrees be sure to add a Shipping Heat Pack to your order.  If temperatures are below 45-50 degrees you are advised to add multiple heat packs.
While we do not guarantee delivery or protection against customer or postal error we reserve the right to not consider a replacement if you do not consider cool or hot packs as recommended., 

PLEASE NOTE  If we determine your delivery temps to be extreme (generally over 95 degrees or under freezing) we may ship with a hold at your local post office to ensure they do not perish on a hot truck for local delivery.  Any package held for pickup at your local post office should be picked up within 24 hours.  Remember in addition to any coldpacks requested, that in extreme heat hot local delivery trucks can get 140-160 degree, and the average delivery is on a truck for 6-9 hours depending on your delivery location along the route.    

Upon arrival at your address,  (P.O. box or upon picking up a hold at post office, within 24 hours) please open the package as soon as possible and inspect the insects.  Let us know immediately if there are any problems or concerns, While we do not guarantee delivery or protection against postal error we reserve the right to not consider a replacement if we do not hear from you within one hour of receipt,  It is your responsibility to be ready for the arrival.  Or make arrangements with the local delivery facility for a hold to pickup.  

Order Tracking.
Each order will receive a tracking number when it is shipped or prepared for shipping via the email you paid with. The notification may come via Paypal or the U.S.P.S. If you have not received your tracking number on the shipment date, and you don't have an email with the tracking number feel free to contact us.

All sales are final and any deviation from this policy including any additional fees for adjustments or deviations to completed orders.  In Case of D.O.A (Dead on arrival) we reserve the right to offer Full Replacement or partial replacement ONLY.  All Replacements are at the sole discretion of Ready Reptile  Feeders.

Some cultures including Springtails,Cleaner Crews and Isopod cultures not including a count are custom made at time of order & have no verifiable counts portrayed, other than saying they are prepared with viable adults & eggs and at the time of shipment they are verified as including hundreds to thousands of any combination of adults, eggs and juveniles.  All other insects may have counts given as appropriate.
Most shipments will be sent without signature required.  Large ticket Items (350.00+) may require signature.
If your delivery address is different form what's registered on your Paypal, you will need to confirm the address in the payment during check out.
We are not responsible for shipping carrier negligence, abuse or delays. 
PO box orders are at buyers own risk, and no guarantee is implied or expected.
If you order differing feeder insects they may be sent separately unless safely able to be bundled.  (This is at our discretion)
We only ship to the continental U.S.A

No deliveries of Dubia, Madagascar Hissers, Little Kenyan or Red Runner Roaches to Florida or Hawaii 
We Cannot Ship Non-Native Species to Florida or Hawaii.

Cancellation Policy

We do not cancel orders made on impulse.  Please be prepared for your insects and insect colonies once you place the order.  We do not accept unauthorized returns.  ANY returns are at our Discretion and must be pre-authorized.