LIVE ARRIVAL DURING HOT SUMMER MONTHS!!! As noted In terms and conditions as well as on every live product pages: COLDPACKS ARE RECOMMENDED FOR HIGH TEMPERATURES OVER 85 DEGREES.  MOST HOT WEATHER INSECT DEATHS OCCUR LOCALLY INSIDE HOT LOCAL DELIVERY TRUCKS THAT ARE NOT COOLED.  IN HOT/SUMMER MONTHS LOCAL DELIVERY TRUCKS MAY BE 100-125 F   Add several COLD Packs With Insulation to your order If HIGH Temps Are Above 85 degrees OR HEAT ADVISORY IS ISSUED FOR YOUR AREA.  When Cold packs are ordered it lets us know to check your forecast and add insulation as needed to retain coolness.

If temperatures are either combination of the following 1.) extreme heat wave or 2.) if no cold packs are ordered as recommended, we reserve the right to hold shipping until we see fit.  We are not responsible for shipping delays that may occur in Hot Weather months or neglecting to order recommended cold packs with insulation.  

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