BIOACTIVE Dubia Roach Colony With Cleaner Crews

Bioactive Dubia Roach Kit With a Highly Sustainable Tropical Floor Substrate & Cleaner Crews

Works To Convert Dubia Roach Colony To Bioactive Setup

Bioactive Dubia Roach Kit 

Our Substrate resists breakdown more than other substrates, holds more moisture and is composed of a rich mix of sustainable coco chips, organic sphagnum moss, organic sphagnum peat, vermiculite and a variety of leaves that break down slowly and mimic a Forest Floor or a Tropical jungle Floor that retains humidity.  Dubia Roaches naturally love to burrow and will love the real estate that a Bioactive Habitat provides.

Live Bugz - A Superior Blend Of More Probiotic Strains, Soil Microbes, Aerobic Bacteria and Mychorrizae that will assist in the breakdown of all organic material.  In the process a Perfect Fertilizer is formed which makes it perfect for your vivariums & terrariums.  Organic & 100% Safe for all pets including Dart Frogs, Lizards, & Dragons to all Reptiles & Amphibians  With Springtails & Isopods to Complete the Work of Breaking Down All Organic Waste Material So You Clean Less!

Hardwood Leaf Litter - Provides Groundcover as Well as Food for your insects and plants, forms a rich soil over time to add to your enclosures Bioactivity.

*2.5 Lbs Substrate (covers 16-24 gallon Enclosures to a depth of 2")
*8 Oz Live Bugz™ A Superior Blend Of More Probiotic Strains, Soil Microbes, Aerobic Bacteria and Mychorrizae With Springtails & Dwarf White Isopods
*1/2 Qt Bag Of Leaf Litter- Ground Cover for your Bioactive Dubia Roaches for protection and hiding place
* 1 Bag of Moss or Coco Coir Additional Ground Cover and Moisture Retention


Complete Bioactive Dubia Colony Here

If Delivery Temperatures may be under 60 degrees Add 72 hour heating packs

In Summer Delivery Trucks Get Substantially Hotter Than Outside Temperatures
If Temperatures can exceed 90 DegreesClick Here  to add Two Cold Packs 
If Temperatures can exceed 95 Degrees Click Here to Add Three Cold Packs

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