Buy Red Runner Roach Starter Colony Only 27.95

A Best Buy Basic Red Runner Roach Starter Kit. All You Need to Start a Red Runner Roach Colony

Starter Kit For Breeding Your Own Turkestan Red Runners
Buy Red Runner Roach Colony

A kit that may be added to later.   This kit
is a very basic starter kit for those who desire to raise red runner roaches for predatory reptiles and also to raise the protein for quail and chickens.  These guys do not climb smooth surfaces nor do they fly.  They are among the Quickest to Multiply and super high in protein with a soft body.  The babies are very small the size of pinhead crickets adults are less than 1 inch..
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With The Basic Starter Red Runner Kit, You Get

*Instructions and Secrets HERE for multiplying your Red Runners
*30 Red Runner Nymphs With  Adult Breeding Age Nymphs 
*2 Egg Flats  
*1/4 Pound Roach Chow
*1 Oz Water Gel Crystal (Makes 2 Quarts) For Watering Dubia

No Shipping to Florida or Hawaii

If Delivery Temperatures may be under 60 degrees Add 72 hour heating packs

In Summer Delivery Trucks Get Substantially Hotter Than Outside Temperatures
If Temperatures can exceed 90 DegreesClick Here  to add Two Cold Packs 
If Temperatures can exceed 95 Degrees Click Here to Add Three Cold Packs
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