Temperate Springtails Starter Culture Bioactive Cleaner

Temperate Springtails With Adults Baby springtails and Eggs.

Temperate Springtails Starter Culture.

Temperate Springtails are very fast breeders and are perfect food for poison dart frogs and baby frogs.  Temperate Springtails eat waste and prevent mold and act as Cleaner Crews.

Can't decide which species of Springtails to get?  Many customers purchase 3 Pack of various types/species and let them compete.  The best species for your tank will be evident as the strongest species that match your tanks habitat will predominate

Each springtail culture will contain a good mix of adults, baby springtails and eggs and are producing well for several weeks.
3 Pack Springtails 
Include Silver & Temperate &-Tropical Species 

If Delivery Temperatures may be under 60 degrees Add 72 hour heating packs

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