Lottery Mix Isopods

A mix of just about every Isopod we carry
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Lottery Mix Isopods

15 Ct. May Include Any Combination Of

Armadillidium Nasatum
Armadillidium Peach Variety
Armadillidium Vulgare
Porcellio Scaber Grey
Porcellio Scaber Orange
Porcellio Laevis
Dalmation Isopod
Dalmation Isopod Orange
Florida Fast Isopod
Zebra Isopod
Giant Canyon
Skirted Isopod
Powder Blue Isopod
Powdery Orange Isopod
Curly Isopod

   If Delivery Temperatures may be under 60 degrees Add 72 hour heating pack                                                                                        In Summer Delivery Trucks Get Substantially Hotter Than Outside Temperatures.                                                      If Temperatures can exceed 90 DegreesClick Here  to add Two Cold Packs                                                                  If Temperatures can exceed 95 Degrees Click Here to Add Three Cold Packs

Purchase Ready Reptile Feeders Premium ABG Substrate Mix Here to house your Cultures

The cultures come with both adult and baby isopods to ensure a viable culture and are often already producing babies when we deliver them to you.
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