CONTAIN ™ Prevent Roach Escapes Insect Barrier 3 Oz

Prevent Roach Escapes

CONTAIN™ Roach & Insect Barrier 

A Boundary that Roaches & Insects cannot Cross.  It will keep your colony In and Invasive insects out.  CONTAIN Works to prevent Roach Escapes by making Climbing Roaches & Insects Slip and they cannot escape.  Invading insects eg;spiders, mites etc will be repelled or contained in the Bug Barrier.

CONTAIN  is a Safe Food Grade Roach & Bug Barrier - Stops Climbing Species of Roaches and Insects (Lobster Roaches, Madagascar Hissers etc) Works by Forming an Effective Boundary to aid in Preventing Escapes.
  • Works Better & Lasts Longer than Vaseline
  • Safe Non-Toxic Food Grade-No Petroleum or Toxins
  • Will not Melt Run or Drip
  • Maintains Even in Temperatures of 400 Deg F
  • Never Needs To Be Reapplied-(unless it gets excessively dirty)
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