Buy Dermestid Beetles Larvae Colony 3600 ct By RRF

Buy Dermestid Beetles Colony 3,600+ ct Insects By RRF Work to Clean Skulls for Taxidermy
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Buy Dermestid Beetles Colony 3600+

Buy Dermestid Beetles and Larvae Colony (Dermestes maculatus)  Beetles By RRF does guarantee larvae and adult Dermestid Beetles which Work to clean your skulls quicker.,  We guarantee the colony to be free of harmful mites.  RRF Insects is located within the Continental U.S.A and shipping will be quick with few losses or D.O.A..  We always include a generous overcount over the specified order to ensure complete satisfaction.  In addition we also include a watering system and details.  Our watering system is free from the the threat of mold that other dermestid sellers neglect to tell you about in the watering of the colony.

Purchase Additional RRF Insects Dermestid Beetle Bedding Here

 When you Buy Our Dermestid Starter Colony Kit You get;

*3500+ Live Adult Dermestid Beetles, larvae & pupae
*Bedding for the beetles to live in and lay more eggs
*Food for beetles
*Green Life ™ Vitamin Watering Gel (Only need to water weekly with this system)
*Instructions on care

If delivery temperatures are under 60 degrees Add 72 hour heating packs

Delivery Trucks Get Substantially Hotter Than Outside Temperatures
If Temperatures can exceed 90 Degrees
Click Here  to add Two Cold Packs 
If Temperatures can exceed 95 Degrees 
Click Here to Add Three Cold Packs
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