Bug Brownie Gut Load Insects Food Gel One Half Lb

Bug Brownie By RRF ™ Superior Comfort Food & Super Nutritious Loading Treat -How to Gut load Insects

Bug Brownie By RRF ™

Bug Brownie Insect Gut  Load/Food Gel (1/2 lb) Superior Comfort Food & Super Nutritious Loading Treat For Insects

Bug Brownie Served Dry is a Super Nutritious Premium Insect Chow and is How to Gut Load Feeder Insects With Premium Nutrition Prior to Feeding them.  Bug Brownie Can be used daily as a Superior Dry Chow or Food for Feeder Insects Including Feeder Roaches, Crickets & Isopods. 

Bug Brownie Served as a Gel and Cut into small square bite portions Is a super delicious mouthwatering treat for bugs as well as a super nutritious loading formula with the Right amount of Protein, Extra Calcium and Beneficial Flora.    A little square of Brownie Treat goes a long way!


Crude Protein --------------------Min 14.5%
Crude Fat--------------------------Min  4.0 %
Crude Fiber-----------------------Max 16.0 %
Calcium--------------------------- Min 5.25 % Max 6.25 %
Phosphorous--------------------Min .0.5 %

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