Dwarf, Isopod Culture Kit. Start a Master Culture

Keep Master Culture of ANY Dwarf Isopods Or Isopods as Pets or For School Science Projects In This Isopod Habitat Culture Kit

This Kit is intended for Culturing Dwarf varieties of Isopods

 If You Want to Culture Larger Isopod Varieties,

 Checkout Our Isopod Culturing Kit.

Due to Weight & Size, Shipping Cost Is Worked In to Price As Kits May need to be shipped separate from other items

Use this for raising feeder or pet isopods or for school science projects with no effort
When you Purchase ANY Isopod Culture This Isopod Master Culture Kit

6 Quart See Through Stackable Container With Tight Locking Lid
ABG Substrate By RRF (Edible Wood Fiber/Vegetation)
1 Half Log or Palm Bark Ground Cover/Hide*
Oak Leaf Litter* 
Coco Husk Fiber*

Water Dechlorinator Conditioner  Use 5 Drops in 15 oz Water Bottle Mister
15 oz Spray Bottle add 5 drops water conditioner to Mist Isopod Culture
1 Oz Roly Poly Isopod Food

1 Oz Bug Brownie By RRF ™ Superior Comfort Food & Super Nutritious Gutload for Insects
* Items may be subsituted as necessary
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