Living Springs By RRF Springtail Culture Food ™ 3.5 oz

What is The Best Springtail Food By Insects By RRF Awaken & Enliven Springtail Cultures With Living Springs Springtail Food BY RRF

Living Springs Springtail Culture Food ™ By RRF

Is What You Need To Feed Lively Springtail Cultures.

Have you tried Yeast or grain based food that does not live up to the promise or seems to invite intrusion by gnats and mites?  Need to Know What Is The Best Springtail Food for Your Charcoal or Soil Substrate Based Springtail Cultures

Awaken Slow Growing Cultures To New Life With Living Springs Springtail Food ™ By RRF

A Specially Formulated Feed By Ready Reptile Feeders.  Have you been led to believe that simple yeasts and mold are all that springtails need to be lively and reproduce most effectively? Did you realize that the more nutrition in the food the more nutrients are increased in the mold formation that springtails eat?  Have you ever seen a video on the wonders that nutrition can do for your springtail culture?

Living Springs Springtail Food ™ By RRF includes more nutrients to Enliven your Springtail Cultures than Foods made with OnlyYeast.  Your Cultures will bounce back sooner and reproduce quicker with less crashing of cultures.

Making sure the substrate is moist sprinkle a bit of Living Springs Springtail Food ™ By RRF on the Surface of the Springtail Culture and the energy derived from the added nutrients will cause more rapid rebounding of cultures along with reproduction and strengthen the Culture.

3.5 oz
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