Isopods & Bioactive Cleaners

Isopod counts are included where appropriate. Cultures may be custom made at time of order. Due to tiny size of springtails & cleaner crews it is not possible to portray an accurate count except to state that they are prepared and may have as many as multiple hundreds to thousands of adults juveniles and eggs
Need a Complete Habitat for Your Isopod Cultures
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Isopods, Roach Bin Cleaner Crews & Springtails For Feeding or Bioactive Tank, Vivarium, Roach or Cricket Bin or Reptile/Herp Enclosure Along With Springtails, Isopods Work as Bioactive Cleaner Crews
Being Great Decomposers They Are Also Excellent Cleaning Crews For Your Enclosures, as They Will Eat Dead Insects, and Vegetation and Wet Food before spoiling and smelling.  This keeps your tanks Free of Smell. 
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