BIOACTIVE Discoid Roach Colony Substrate Cleaner Crews

Florida Legal Bioactive Discoid Roach Kit With a Highly Sustainable Substrate With All the Cleaner Crews You Need!

Works To Convert Discoid Roach Colony To Bioactive Habitat Setup

Bioactive Discoid Roach Kit Florida Legal
  • Our Substrate resists breakdown more than other substrate mix, holds more moisture and is composed of a richly made mix of sustainable coco chips, organic sphagnum moss, organic sphagnum peat, vermiculite and a variety of hard leaves that break down slowly and mimic a Forest Floor or a Tropical Jungle Floor while retaining important humidity.  Discoid Roaches in nature love to burrow and will love the added real estate that a Bioactive Habitat will provide.
  • Live Bugz With Springtails & Isopods - A Superior Blend Of More Probiotic Strains, Soil Microbes, Aerobic Bacteria and Mychorrizae that will assist in the breakdown of any organic waste material.  In the process of decomposition a Perfect Fertilizer is formed which makes it perfect for your vivariums & terrariums.  Organic & 100% Safe for all pets including Dart Frogs, Lizards, & Dragons to all Reptiles & Amphibians With Springtails & Isopods To Complete the Work of Waste Eating So You Clean Your Enclosures Less!
  • Hardwood Leaf Litter - Provides Ground Cover as Well as Food for your insects and plants, forms a rich soil over time to add to your enclosures Bioactivity.

  • *Instructions & Secrets For Multiplying Your Discoids
  • 2.5 Lbs Substrate Mix (covers 16-24 gallon Enclosures to a depth of 2"
  • 8 Oz Live Bugz™- A Superior Blend Of More Probiotic Strains, Soil Microbes, Aerobic Bacteria and Mychorrizae With Springtails & Dwarf White Isopods
  • 1/2 Qt Bag Of Leaf Litter- Ground Cover for your Bioactive Discoid Roaches for protection and hiding places

 Complete Bioactive Discoid Kit Here

If Delivery Temperatures may be under 60 degrees Add 72 hour heating packs


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